Springfields Estate

 1. Where is the Estate located?

Abere, Ede/Oshogbo, opposite and about two minutes drive from the state government 

secretariat and around existing Amorite Estate.   


2. How soon will my home be ready?

Sixty to seventy days after perfecting your subscription.

3. Can I choose the spot where I want my home to be built?

Hmmm, yes, at least for early arrivals. But we cannot make promises.    


4. Can I buy a home that’s already built in the Estate?

Yes. See FAQ 15 below for some more details 

5. Can I modify the building design of my home?

Yes but within narrow limits and in the interior only. For example, you cannot place a fresh floor above the existing one. You cannot modify external walls. Rules and regulations are applied by Osun New Towns and Growth Areas Development Authority to make sure that development in this type of estates are structured. 


6. Can I use the mortgage plan to build elsewhere?

Yes. Mortgages are available and open to all qualified persons everywhere as approved by the mortgage provider

7. Is my home/mortgage plan transferable? (To whom?)

Yes, once the person you are transferring to meets the mortgage conditions you have earlier met.


8. Can I make a one-time payment for the home?

Certainly. You can also exit the mortgage plan at any time by paying off outstanding amounts.

9. How is the estate maintained?

Thermoclays Nigeria Limited will provide maintenance services for a reasonable consideration. The general terms will be consistent with normal expectations. Specific issues will be decided by and in cooperation with the Residents Association. 

10. Are there sporting facilities in the Estate?

 Sporting facilities to be provided are: Courts for Tennis, Basket ball, Volleyball. There will be a mini football field. Table Tennis and other indoor games will be provided at the Community Centre.


11. Can I farm crops/rear animals in the Estate?

Unfortunately, no to keeping of animals. However, we will subject this to further review with the Residents Association in view of the fact that many of us have pets and are animal lovers. The idea of disallowing animal rearing stems from the need to protect people and the environment. You can of course keep a vegetable farm in your backyard.

12. Can I open a shop/business outlet in the Estate?

 No, but you can of course sell things in, and from your homes. You cannot convert your garage  or blow up a room in your home into a shop. Full-fledged shops are provided at the Community Centre.

13. Can I buy land in there?

No. The only way you can live here is by buying homes off-plan or by having a plan transferred to you. You could also buy homes that may have been foreclosed upon or just offered for sale by owners.

14. Can I fence my building?

Only minimal, low fences not higher than 1.2 meters are allowed, 'to keep your friends away'. A full, 3-meter perimeter fence is provided for the whole estate and access is strictly controlled to ensure full security.  

15. What happens if I am unable to meet up with my monthly payments?

In those unfortunate circumstances, your home will be foreclosed upon. You will have to discuss foreclosure terms with your mortgage provider. 

16. I don't want to get a mortgage from Omoluabi Mortgage Bank but from my own mortgage provider. Can I still subscribe to Springfields?


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