Standalone 3-bedroom, en-suite rooms, 3½ bathrooms, ante-room, laundry, exposed bricks of selected colours in all rooms.

Land Area: 600/450sqm, Building Area: 169.25 (see Variants)

For a 3-bedroom home, Maxi is big; built for comfort.  This magnificent home has a footprint of 169 square meters (1,822 square feet)  and you have a choice of a land area of 450 square meters or an even larger 600 square meter for more space and greater ambience.  The ante room is screened from the vast, 40 square-meter living room and there  is a laundry close to the rear exit. 

Maxi brings comforts for the modern day family and if you so wish, the Deal variant is ready to serve you as a home with an office space combined.  Jumbo-size, large format all-casement windows, en-suite rooms and an ample yard are the flags this massive home flies for your comfort.

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